Actors Collaborative Door County, classic theater was conceived in 2020 during the covid lockdown by Artistic Director and founder Ginger Auld. It has long been a dream of Ginger's to have a classic theater housed in Door County in collaboration with the wonderfully trained, experienced and creative artists that live here, which include actors, directors, singers, musicians, artists and technicians. Ginger has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in performance from the University of Pittsburgh and her background as an actress, director, singer and teacher has been in professional, academic and community theater throughout her career. Ginger has had the great privilege to study voice with Madame Genia Danova at the American Conservatory of music in Chicago and the study of ballet with Madame Tatiana Seminova with the Ballet of Houston (Texas). She conceived and planned a first season that year which included three contemporary classic authors and one musical. She also began assembling a strong and active Board of Directors who shared the same passion and vision. The struggle to find the proper venue became a challenge in the covid years of 2020, 2021 and even 2022 as she sought to find the perfect space for her fledgling company. After almost two years of exhaustive negotiation with a particular venue in Sturgeon Bay, everything came to an abrupt halt when the proprietor eventually, and surprisingly said, no, and the company was back to square one in search of a venue. With virtually nowhere to go to perform this first season of plays, she decided to start small in 2023 with a classic one-act play and approached Isadoora Theatre Company in conjunction with the Margaret Lockwood Gallery to use their theater space below the gallery and their lighting system. Because of their kind and generous spirit in helping the company, the grand opening for Actors Collaborative Door County, classic theater will be introducing William Saroyan's one-act play, Hello Out There.  ACDC is a non-equity but semi-professional company in that it pays all of its artists a small stipend for their work. At present, the company is a Limited Liability Corporation, but are working to be classified as a 501 (c)(3).