Claran LaViolette

Claran is a native resident of Manitowoc, and has been providing costuming for many local and regional theatre groups for 20+ years. She is past president of The Masquers, Inc, (currently in its 92nd
consecutive season), one of the oldest community theatre companies in the state. Claran is also president of St. John’s Players, and on the board of directors of The Forst Inn Arts Collective in Tisch Mills.
Her costuming experience is extensive, having provided costumes for numerous Masquers shows, and various other theatrical productions and organizations, including Treehouse Children’s Theater, St.
John’s Players, the Forst Inn, and area high school and junior high productions, and Manitowoc’s WindigoFest.
Claran is also active in many other aspects of theatre, including directing, acting, set decoration and props.